michel godet manual de prospectiva estrategica. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for michel godet manual de prospectiva estrategica. Autores: Michel Godet with Philippe Durance: Data de publicaçãon: Editor : Manuel de prospectiva Estratégica: Autores: Michel Godet: Data de. From Antecipation to Action. Paris: Unesco. Godet, M. (). Manual de prospectiva estratégica: da antecipação a acção. Lisboa: Publicações Dom Quichiote.

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manual de prospectiva y estrategica michel godet

This is estrahegica the most complete work of Professor Godet translated into Spanish. Access to works of Professor Godet in Spanish:. The network is formed by alumni from postgraduate programs in Future Studies and other subjects from the School of Management at the Universidad Externado de Colombia and by professionals in the region that have been in contact with estratetica discipline.

To imagine a different future is to begin to change the present.

michel godet manual de prospectiva estrategica

There are always different ends. From this page, you will have access to the software in the e-cloud: Why is it necessary to analyze and construct the future? The trajectory of history is never predetermined. The dream produces the reality.

michel godet manual de prospectiva estrategica – PDF Files

To be in control of change is only a question of choice and ability to make a common project for all. By simply asking ourselves this question, we are implying the answer. The ultimate objective of CLAP is to contribute to the expansion and exposure of the philosophy, methods, and tools of strategic future studies in the Spanish-speaking estrategkca.


All members have made the decision to construct the future of the business, of the organization, of the territory, and try to predict the future. If we observe the past, we can always confirm that the facts of history were not inevitable but rather they could have occurred by any other means.

The work goes into-depth on the tools and a few examples. Latin American Circle of Future Studies.

Access to works of Professor Godet in Spanish: If you do not belong to CLAP, you may join by sending an email with your name and professional credentials to the following email address:.

It is certain that both the best scenario and the worst scenario are possibilities. Dreams are bound to uncertainty. This reasoning finishes with whatever trail of prediction because this would be the hopeless man. This work is the most recent. Future Studies is a message of hope for all who would like to take destiny into their own hands.

If gdoet do not belong to CLAP, you may join by sending an email with your name and professional credentials to the following email address: It continues the most important principals of the conceptualization of future studies and current applications of practices of the model and tools from this discipline.


The future is very much ours and we should not leave it to be snatched away.

While the uncertainty feeds our dreams, it can at the same time create estrxtegica or destroy them. Modern societies can choose between converting into Athens without slaves or return to an undeveloped state. That which permits man to write the history of his times is the result of these individual and collective actions that sum the flows of social economic streams and the choice of the storms of fate.

It emphasizes the importance of innovation and signals the closeness that exists between future studies and innovation. The absolute uncertainty of tomorrow would be a death sentence of the imagination and would end the strength of choice. Click here to download.