Europiccola, designed in and Professional, in , are a sort of mirror of a part of the Italiandesign history. A combination of style, quality and reliability. Models Europiccola and Professional represent the best expression in terms of technology and valuable materials. Pure-gold-plated, they are a precious piece. La Pavoni’s Europiccola EPC-8 Manual Espresso Machine is a classic device that produces up to 8 consecutive high-quality espresso shots at a time.

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Doing so will get you much closer to an actual full single shot, at near 1 ounce. If the stroke goes very easy and you get weak espresso with no crema.

I start with the Fellini, and then pull the first pull. I put the portafilter in with an empty basket and lift the lever fully Just for a second or two europiccola let off false pressure, steam, and any impurities that may be on the shower screen. Video Manuals Lever Machine.

La Pavoni Europiccola EPBB-8 Instruction Manual

If you have gotten the handle down far enough to be past the point where hot eurpoiccola is introduced to the grouphead; wait for about 30 – 45 seconds without further pressure on the lever. So do yourself another great big favor In other words these people really messed up.


As I said earlier, if these units are properly cared for they last and last and I can tell you one thing it did Hopefully what I have written here will help you on your way to years of great espresso This model enables to deliver 8 cups of espresso continuously.

This procedure prevents a vacuum europivcola created above the espresso in the filter basket which usually causes channeling during the pull.

You can use the setting II for initial heat up but stay close by because when it gets up toward temperature it needs to be turned down to setting I to make good espresso.

Models Europiccola and Professional represent the best expression mnual terms of technology and valuable materials. Choose an option V V Clear.

La Pavoni Europiccola instructions for newbies

La Pavoni advertises that these units can pull 8 doubles Honestly, Bob, I mostly drink doubles myself, so I understand your view point. People invest so much time in their double baskets, and start getting good shots, then switch once and the shot just isn’t as good.

You have to learn your own tastes, and find the methods that work for you. Perhaps it will be of some use here also Normal volume for the two full pulls ranges from 1.


La Pavoni | Professional – PL

Related products Select options. Aside from the volume issues with the single shots On successive pulls euripiccola will get two or perhaps three great shots before the grouphead begins to get too hot for good espresso.

Go online and find a Internet seller that sells the “Elektra Leva ‘A’ machines and replacement filter baskets.

The espresso itself is actually creamy and the crema ooohhh Pure-gold-plated, they are a precious piece of furniture for creamy espresso coffees and foamy cappuccinos. Professional — PL V: Perhaps for me it is Each way will produce a slightly different flavor manuall from the beans. Well by now you realize that these machines can be quite a challenge.

Continuing navigation consent to the use of cookies. Thoughts on pressure profiling. Europiccoladesigned in and ,ainare a sort of mirror of a part of the Italiandesign history. It is a small spring with a metal ball at the end that fits into a venturi mounted on the boiler.