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In shading holes, or any parts of the drawing denoting depressions below the surface under consideration, a slightly different assumption is made.

This completes the hexagon, and also the plan of the prism. Many draftsmen prefer to use stick India ink; and for some purposes this is to be preferred to the prepared liquid ink recommended above.

The notes giving the sizes are read as follows: Unfor- tunately, there is no universally adopted standard; thus, a certain combination of lines may indicate that the material is cast iron if drawn in one ofhce; in another ofhce this same combination may have been adopted to represent brass, and so on.

The reason that only a part of the nut G is sectioned in Fig. The projection of any point, as c, is found as before, by drawing a perpendicular jj from the point e to the sur- face ; thus, e’ is the projection of the point e upon the plane ABDC. Following these letters are five groups of letters containing w,?


kba 70219 abe pdf to jpg

In both the ruling pen and compass pen, the width of the lines can be altered by means of the screw which holds the blades together. When an object has a relatively large number of similar component parts, abee are rarely all shown on a work- ing drawing. Make the dividing line between the numerator and denominator horizontal, not slanting.

Let P be the given point. With C and D as centers, and the same radius, describe arcs cutting the semicircle in H and K. In this plate are shown two designs of columns used in the construction of modern office buildings, and a common method of connecting the floorbeams to the columns is shown.

Complete the rest of the ave in the same manner. The tops of the piles are tenoned and enter for a depth of G inches between the two timbers forming the sill.

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A drawing which rep- resents the object as if it were resting on a horizontal plane, and the observer looking at it from above, is called a top view, or plan. When a long and comparatively slender object is to be drawn, it often happens that, when drawn to a sufficiently large scale to make it intelligible, it will extend beyond the space avail- able. Divide it vertically into four equal parts and subdivide each of the two lower parts into two equal parts again; then draw the horizontal lines shown.

The front jaw moves in and out with the screw, as shown by Fig. Then draw the side elevation and the bottom view, as shown.



Divide the drawing into two equal parts by means of a faint horizontal line. This is to be avoided. Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled. The lines forming the outline E D E’ E show the projections of the hanger frame. The method illustrated in Fig. The curve drawn through the points thus found will be the required hyperbola.

Expanded access programs may provide supportive safety information for regulatory review. Driving Fit written behind a dimension always imply that, in machining the part, the workman is to make the allowance necessary for the kind of fit called for.

The most commonly used abbreviations are D. Draw the center lines? Best Match Best Match. All listings filter applied. The section of the inch I beam is given in Fig. Care should be exercised to make the arrowheads as neatly as possible and of a uniform size. The titles should be made in block letters as shown on sample copies. The same holds true for the other points.

With C and P as centers, and any con- venient radius, describe short arcs intersecting in P.

This is sufficient, since there is no stress on the collar beyond the force required to pull the jaw out- wards, the force exerted by screwing the jaws together coming entirely on the surface M of the screw head.