Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Judith McNaught is the #1 New York Times bestselling author who first soared to stardom with her stunning bestseller. The complete series list for – Westmoreland Dynasty Judith McNaught. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history. Reading order of Westmoreland Saga. A series of 7 books by Judith McNaught, Jude Deveraux, Arnette Lamb, Jill Barnett.

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He was the malevolent specter that the Scots used to terrify their offspring into behaving. As the story progresses, these two characters find themselves caught in a web of kcnaught lies deceit and betrayal.

Judith McNaught Westmoreland Series

Royce and Jenny fall in love fairly early on, but they are torn apart by various misunderstandings and events. Historical Romance – heroine is captured by warlord, she accidentally kills his horse when trying to escape spoilers ahead [s].

After I tried them, I just didn’t want them any more. Thus, the two headstrong individuals commence upon a long, hard journey toward happily ever after. Whitney, My Love Westmoreland 2: The story and characters are hilarious, charming and an all round joy to read about. View all 75 comments.

The amount of times this girl continuously martyrs herself for her heartless vile selfish father and hateful clansmen was unbearable. Jan 15, Brandi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Westmroeland roar of music and voices began to recede as Julianna Skeffington fled down the terraced steps of a brightly lit country house in which members of Polite Society were attending a masquerade ball.

I liked how hard she fought. What do I know? Romance is not my preferred genre, but this book definitely has all the magical elements to make you believe in fairy tale love and a knight in shining armor. She also didn’t gain back my trust, which perhaps is why I’m very disappointed with how thing happened.


He isn’t completely lost to me. I stayed up until 3 in the morning, knowing that I wouldn’t finish, because I literally couldn’t put this book down. It is a phenomenal book and everyone should read it regardless if yo This review was posted at My Secret Romance This is romance at its best!

Westmoreland Saga by Judith McNaught

If you’re a fan of Historical Romance, you should dig this once since it stays interesting through the storyline, holds up the pacing, has sarcastic and humorous main characters who feel genuine enough to carry their story, complimentary side characters, a castle yays and satisfying ending. I promise you I’m NOT doing it on purpose. After a less-than-thrilling introduction, he slowly but steadily started to grow on me, up to the point where I unders Judith McNaught has done it again!

It was so easy to read. I can appreciate that. The writing was fantastic. Mar 22, Didi rated it it was amazing Shelves: And then some steam.

The thongs were tight, cutting into Royce’s wrists, but Royce scarcely noticed: She met her second husband, Michael “Mike” McNaught, while working as an assistant director for a film crew, working on a movie for a General Motors division.

The part about Thor was a killer.

I mean she pulled a damn knife on him. From fighting to making love, this book has a little of everything.

Royce is known as The Wolf and is the King of England’s best warrior. And, she was totally attracted to Royce, flirted with him, and then she slept with mcnauught. Jan 18, Bgurl don’t h8 me cuz I’m honestful rated it liked it Shelves: There isn’t anything I can say that hasn’t already been said about this book.

I just was hoping to get something a little more westmorealnd the lines of The Raider or Perfect same idea of captive falls in love with his captor and sworn enemies thing. Romantic Times Book Reviews. Destmoreland love HR but this is in a class of it’s own! Every scene in this book was captivating and engaging. And that was just the being of the adventure I still feel a tug in my heart remembering it.


McNaught chose to donate a portion of her earnings from the book to women’s literacy programs and insisted mvnaught each book contain a card giving readers information on how to donate to literacy programs or to become tutors. And because of this reason I won’t draw out my review. This is historical mcnauyht at its finest. Archived from the original on It westmorelajd wonderful reading about Royce and Jennifer falling for each other and all the conflicting emotions going on definitely made things more interesting.

At the beginning of McNaught’s writing career, she was one of a very few authors writing for the historical romance market. Unlike the typical Regency, “a light romp with no sex,” her novels tended to be “intensely sensual and witty. Westmorealnd was a scene close to the end where I was just about to say “EFF this SHIT, if something doesn’t happen soon, this book will end up in the fireplace” but thank goodness Jenny qestmoreland to her senses.

He was sacrificing nothing by releasing Brenna, for he would still have Jenny as a hostage, yet he was requiring that she sacrifice everything. Lots of fun to read. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t care what they’re about, only that I have them and read them. And by the way, what woman in s Scotland would have a modern English name like Jennifer?

Also a pat on the back for me since I found this gem at Half-priced books.