YASKAWA AC Drive-J Type: CIMR-JU. Compact V/f Control Drive. Models: V Class, Three-Phase Input: to kW. V Class, Single-Phase. YASKAWA AC Inverter Series J Document Download. The J meets all automation requirements for compact applications with variable speed operation and energy saving characteristics. A wide range of useful.

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YASKAWA J1000 Technical Manual

Tuning Page Page – D: Bit 1 changes the direction. Parameter settings can be edited after entering the correct password. Consult Yaskawa for more information on detailed settings and fine-tuning the drive.

A is a hidden parameter used to set the password. Place a temporary cover over the top of the drive during installation. Page 79 Parameter settings can be edited after entering the correct password.

YASKAWA J Compact AC Drive Series release | Category: New Product | Global Site

Section Safety 31, RMS symmetrical amperes, Vac maximum V class and Vac maximum V class when protected by branch circuit protection devices specified in this manual. Exterior And Mounting Dimensions Table 2.

Page 34 Failure to comply could result in damage to the drive and will void warranty. Drive is ready to run the application. In particular, in the small-sized AC Drive field, a strong demand is growing for miniaturization and cost reduction of AC Drive itself with the demand for the reduction in machinery size. Stall Prevention Page Page – L4: Page Speed Agree and drive output will shut down on an oL3 fault.


Parameter List This appendix contains a full listing of all parameters and settings available in the drive. The following equipment is especially applicable. Run Command Selection on page uaskawa details on external reference parameter selections. Failure to comply could result in death or serious injury by fire.

Page C — Motor Figure D. Continue with steps 3 to 5 until the last data has been processed.

Press the key until back at the initial display. Standing for the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, this directive prohibits electronic equipment sold in Europe from containing specific hazardous substances such as lead. Speed Search prevents loss from down time by keeping the application running smoothly through a power loss.

It is available primarily to accommodate control board replacement in the event of damage. Refer to Yaskawa catalog for selection and part yas,awa.

Yaskawa J1000 AC Drive, 1440 RPM

Ensure that the left and right tabs are locked back into place. If the motor is to be operated at a speed higher than the rated speed, consult with the manufacturer.


Protection Functions Page – L2: Fault Reset commands yaskwwa ignored as long as the Run command is present. Verify that the rated voltage of the drive matches the voltage of the incoming power supply before applying power. Refer to Using the Digital LED Operator on page If problems occur that are not covered in this manual, contact the nearest Yaskawa representative with the following information: Applications which receive loads repeatedly require derating.

The drive is not in Drive Mode. Page 83 As a safety precaution, the drive will not normally respond to a Run input when the digital operator is being used to adjust parameters in the Programming Mode Verify Menu, Setup Mode, Parameter Settings Mode.

Yaskawa J AC Drive, RPM, Rs /unit, Maven Elevators | ID:

Once setup is complete, protect parameter settings with a password from unauthorized Dual ratings to fit a wide range of application needs. Precautions on installing a yaskaa breaker Chapter 8 Revision: Never connect or disconnect the motor from the drive while the drive is outputting voltage.

Do not allow unqualified personnel to use equipment.