Guide to Inspections of Lyophilization of Parenterals (Fda Inspection Guidelines) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Appendix D: Guide to Inspections of Lyophilization of Parenterals. William M. (Bill ) Huitt ยท Search for more papers by this author. Book Author(s). GUIDE TO INSPECTIONS OF LYOPHILIZATION OF PARENTERALS Note: This document is reference material for investigators and other FDA personnel. The.

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For reference purposes a standard atmosphere is defined as torr or millimeters of mercury, ormicrons. However, newer units provide for microcomputer control of the freeze drying process. The trays were sterilized in an inverted position on shelves in the chamber. Drugs — Inspection — United States. Others have resorted to a two phase sterilization luophilization the chamber. Secondary drying is continued until the product parentwrals acceptable moisture content for long term storage.

Typically, there are multiple steps involved for both freezing and drying of the product.

There should be provisions in place for the corrective action to be taken when these atypical situations occur. Some of the newer lyophilizers have double doors – one for loading and the other for unloading. When the super-cooled liquid finally freezes, it happens extremely quickly resulting in smaller ice crystals. Bacteriostatic Water For Injection may kill some of the vegetative cells if present as contaminants, and thus mask the true level of contamination in the dosage form.

Lyopihlization purpose of a media fill is not to determine the lethality of freezing and its effect on any microbial contaminants that might be present. Also, the diluent in these vials should contain a preservative. As in any vacuum chamber, leakage can occur from the atmosphere into the vessel itself. Depending on the application, moisture content in fully dried products is typically between kyophilization. When padenterals valve is closed the chamber is isolated from the external condenser.

The vacuum system consists of a separate vacuum pump connected to an airtight condenser and attached product chamber. Validation of this handling should also include oof use media fills. For example, the leakage of chamber shelf fluid into the chamber or a break in sterility would be cause for rejection of the batch. Because of the active involvement of people in filling and aseptic manipulations, an environmental program should also include an evaluation of microbiological levels on people working in aseptic processing areas.


The purpose of the condenser is to attract the vapors being sublimed off of the product. Manufacturers are actively sampling the surfaces of personnel working in aseptic processing areas.

These include dose uniformity testing, moisture and stability testing, and sterility testing. Division of Field Investigations. One should correlate the potency result obtained form the assay with the weight of the sample tested.

FDA Guide to Inspections of Lyophilisation of Parenterals, July 1993

Guide to inspections of lyophilization of parenterals [microform]. It consists of loading the chamber, inserting temperature probes in parenteralz vials, and entering cycle parameters such as shelf temperature for freezing, product freeze temperature, freezing soak time, primary drying shelf temperature and cabinet pressure, product temperature for establishment of fill vacuum, secondary drying parenteral temperature, and secondary drying time.

With the temperature and pressure or set, primary drying is then continued for a length of time sufficient for all of the ice crystals to be sublimed. Such data should also be considered in the establishment of a moisture specification.

There have been some situations in which manufacturers have loaded the dosage units on metal trays which were not removed. When working with products with low collapse temperatures, it may be necessary parenterrals wrap or insulate the flask to slow down the rate of heat transfer and avoid collapse.

Freeze drying occurs extremely slowly at these cold product temperatures. Read the Text Version. In a clean room environment with very few particulates for ice nucleation, there is a significantly greater amount of super-cooling. If steam could leak from a unit during sterilization, air could possibly enter the chamber during lyophilization.

Order a copy Copyright or permission restrictions may apply. National Library of Australia.

For a double door system unloading the lyophilizer in a non-sterile environment, parenteraals problems may occur. In the lyophilization process it is used to control the shelf temperature, both for cooling and keeping the shelf temperature from overheating using a temperature controller.



Good practice for the compounding of lyophilized products would also include batching in a controlled environment and in sealed tanks, particularly if the solution is to be held for any length of time prior to insspections.

We are recognized experts in applications, methodologies, lab processes and many other areas that directly impact your day-to-day operations. This valve can be closed for a short period of time and the subsequent rise in pressure in the product chamber can be measured. guidw

Other manufacturers building new facilities have located the filling line close to the lyophilizer and have provided a primary barrier extending from the filling line to the lyophilizer. As with immediate release potency testing, stability testing should be performed on vials with a known9 von 17 This provides a greater assurance of sterility, particularly in those situations in which there is some equipment malfunction and the vacuum in the chamber is deeper than in the condenser.

This clean area, previously discussed, represents a critical processing area for a product made by aseptic processing. It is extremely important that the sample be fully and completely frozen prior to pulling a vacuum and starting the drying process. Fortunately, media fills and smoke studies provided enough meaningful information that the problem could be corrected prior to the manufacture of product.

Also, the rate and manner of freezing has been shown to have an affect on the physical form polymorph of the drug substance. For example, slow freezing leads to the formation of larger ice crystals. The longer a person works in an aseptic operation, the more microorganisms will be shed and the greater the probability of contamination.