Abolished Rites: Or, Spiritual, Not Ceremonial Worship [Amos H Gottschall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This work has been selected . Abolished Rites, or Spiritual, Not Ceremonial Worship (Classic Reprint) [Amos H. Gottschall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Excerpt from. Title: Abolished rites: or, Spiritual, not ceremonial worship /; Contributor Names: Gottschall, Amos H. Created / Published: Harrisburg, Pa.: The Christian Union.

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We find Cyprian A. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Ordinances are named in the New Testament, but ever as Jewish, and to be disregarded and renounced.

Abolished Rites – Or, Spiritual, Not Ceremonial Worship (Hardcover)

They cannot see Christ but in the outward bark and rind of ritual observances and ceremonies, in the shell of them ; and so they become unprofitable servants. Gottschall was born in Lancaster, PA. The fetching of this chrism at Easter from the city baptistery, became in time an evidence to prove the dependence of these baptisteries on that in the city.

This leaning toward Judaism and its ceremonies became more marked later on as Catholicism came to the front, especially from the Third Century on, and by this latter system rites and ceremonies were greatly increased and magnified. This work was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains as true to the original work as possible.

As we were riding through a village called Stickpath, one stopped me in the street and asked, Is not thy name John Wesley? All these baptisteries were dedicated to John the Baptist an ante-Christian, Jewish priest and not to Christ.

From these sprang suffragans, prebendaries, canons! Who will undertake to show that there are any such formularies in the New Testament?

Abolished Rites : Amos H Gottschall :

On this point Burgess well says: At first the followers of Fox called themselves Seekers, as indicating their desire to discover the truth. Its seat and subject is the inner man! Many Christians believe that carnal ordinances are obligatory now: The evidence simply is, that Judaizers have interpolated them, and that the doctrine of baptism as a Christian ordinance, and of baptismal regeneration, was resorted to by the priesthood to gain power—to increase converts to their flocks and creeds—seizing even infants from their birth and before, to write their mark upon them, with most disgusting details of ceremonial adjuncts.


If we really have Christ by faith, who is the end of everything typical, gottschal should we still cling to the shadow? Many of the more modern Reformers never fully cut loose from the ceremonies of Judaism and Catholicism, but carried some of them, namely, water baptism and the supper, along out with them. Concerning these people, ecclesiastical history says: He worked for a long list of newspapers as he traveled.

This may, in some cases, be true. When God has finished the work of a soul’s salvation, by the mighty agency of His Holy Spirit, through the new birth, and most emphatically teaches in His Word that in the acceptance of His Son as our Saviour, and an implicit soul rest upon the vicarious atonement of Christ, we are complete, who shall say we need something that a man can add to make us more complete or acceptable?

This backward movement on the part of the Early Church is, as we find, first mentioned in history as appearing in A. My belief is no rule for another. Others say that the observance of Mosaic rituals actually ceased at the cross. In New England and other sections of the American Colonies, they became numerous. This work was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains as true gottschwll the original work as possible.

Account Options Sign in. All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do. While Christ in very deed did abolish rites and ceremonies at the cross, the time for their actual cessation was not declared till Gotstchall.

As many as thirty-four hundred of these earnest, God-fearing people were confined in noisome prisons, and many of yottschall died as martyrs to their faith. We can, we trust, worship God in Spirit and in truth by their side, but on the other hand, our freedom in the Spirit must not be fettered by their rituals. It we reject a child of God because he does not see as we do, and because he clings to rituals which we plainly see have been abolished, we are not manifesting the right spirit.


Cardinals derived their titles from baptismal churches. This evolution belonged more particularly to the Pauline position.

Gottschall, Amos H. | The Online Books Page

No sacred shrines or fonts, or forms—souls sanctified only are sacred. He knows that baptism has been administered in sanctuaries and out of sanctuaries ; by bishops, priests, and deacons ; to persons sick and well, living and dying ; infants and adults ; by affusion, by immersion, by sprinkling, by putting bodies into water, and applying water to bodies ; by trine immersion, and by single immersion ; by immersing with the face downward, and immersing with the face upwards ; immersing persons naked, and immersing persons clothed ; sprinkling with blood, with sand, and with tears ; following baptism with chrism, sign of the cross, white robes, confirmation, holy kiss, honey and milk, and other mummeries too numerous to mention ; and that in all these ages disputes about all these modes and adjuncts have been rife.

Who will say that they are so clearly defined that he who runneth may read?

No man’s spiritual good is at the disposal of any administrator of rites. If Christ abolished types and shadows, why should we still observe them? But that is no proof against error.

Abolished Rites : Or, Spiritual, Not Ceremonial Worship

God is a Spirit: Turner, a Congregational minister, in a discourse entitled ” Forms not Religion,” says: He ran away from home when he was 10, rrites the country and writing about his travels – especially among the Indians. Strange as it seems, even in New England their gottschhall were most severe ; a godly woman and three men of culture and earnest piety were actually hanged on Boston Commons for their faith.

Baptismal regeneration, penance, purgatory, and the whole system of Popish emptiness, followed in course of time. Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be ritess by faith.