In a book that moves like one of the roller coasters it describes, a teenage boy must face a series of tests that represent his deepest fears in order to save his. Full Tilt by Neal Shusterman – Sixteen-year-old Blake has always been the responsible one in his dysfunctional family — the one who drives safely, gets good. Full Tilt is a young adult novel by Neal Shusterman, published in September by Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing. Described as a “psychological .

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Oct 15, BenW rated it it was amazing.

And in his luck he wins. December 2, at 1: At first glance it looks like a typical Goosebumps-style young adult novel about teenagers being sucked into a fll amusement park.

And he finally gets on a ride which changes his fate.

It was like I’d been keeping all the edges of my life neat and hsusterman, pretending the neatness was all that mattered, pretending life could somehow be controlled. Published September 1st by Simon Pulse first published January 11th On the other hand, if you’re looking for one with very good character development and decent writing, then this is the novel for you.

How wrong I was.

Full Tilt (Shusterman novel) – Wikipedia

Full Tilt truly sets a new standard for itself, defying comparison to any other book or writing style. I liked how the author worked on their relationship as brothers and ended up making me feel a sense of connection between one of the two. How I love you. Feb 16, Savannah W added it. Full Tilt Trade Paperback In Neeal Tiltthe main character, Blake, goes to a mysterious amusement park in the middle of the night to rescue his younger brother, Quinn, who is essentially trouble personified.


Full Tilt | Neal Shusterman

I was hoping for a little more resolution between Blake and Quinn. Crosby Our 6th grade LA classes all read this and do an amazing writing unit based on their readings — it fits perfectly for the age group and even for all …more Our 6th grade LA classes all read this and do an amazing writing unit based on their readings — it fits perfectly for the age group and even for all reading levels.

I had read it one, and then a second sbusterman within a few days because I like it so much. Blake and Quinn are skillfully cast opposites: I was too obsessed with characters and story to not notice the background one.

The thing is, there is something about him why Cassandra chose him to give an invitation to her carnival.


Let’s just say I really thought this was really great!! Plus, receive recommendations for your next Book Club read. Seems like everyone in his life is off-track including his ‘living-for-the-thrill’ brother and his boyfriend hopping mother. Sign up and get a free eBook! No matter how far out the story becomes, or what crazy worlds of paranormal weirdness swallow the characters, everything they encounter circles back to truths that we titl can understand about real life, whether or not we’re able to articulate them as convincingly as Neal Shusterman.


Teenage brothers Shussterman and Quinn are polar opposites.

But this is no slasher-movie type story. I’m excited to read more of Shusterman’s work in the future.

Full Tilt is a well-paced, page-turner book that creeped me out, psychologically. Paperbackpages. Every decision counts, as the carnival awaits for his defeat. Since then, he has taken on the responsibility of saving shustermah brother Quinn, who constantly needs to be rescued from his own impulsive behavior. All I can say is that keep an open mind neap it comes to novels that aren’t intended for your age, but don’t get me wrong shuxterman because I know a lot of adults who love to read middle grade and YA.

This, ultimately, is what Blake must do to survive the night, and he discovers it, ironically, in the hall of mirrors, the place designed more than any other to distort the truth and give incorrect perspective. Ultimately, Blake is forced to confront the memory of a horrible bus accident from his early childhood, and the resulting fears and regrets that have stayed with him.

Without asking she gives him a bear which hold an invitation to the ride of his life.