The One-Straw Revolution is copyrighted and in print. You can find it here on Amazon or here from New York · Review of Books. You may also be interested in . 41 quotes from The One-Straw Revolution: ‘I do not particularly like the word ‘ work.’ Human beings are the only animals who have to work, and I think tha. The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming (New York Review Books Classics) [Masanobu Fukuoka, Larry Korn, Wendell Berry, Frances.

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It will make you question everything and then realise that to question is a futile effort. My friend was worried and came to see how I was getting along.

Thinking about this later, I realized that it was the close-up profile shot I had taken; it probably showed some wrinkles in her face. To the casual observer I may seem either humble or arrogant. Online review version Retrieved 25 March This ervolution largely the result of returning to the soil everything grown in the field but the grain itself.

Full text of “The-One-Straw-Revolution”

In my orchard there are pines and cedar trees, a few pear trees, persimmons, loquats, Japanese cherries, and many other native varieties growing among the citrus trees.

Fukuoka re-invented and advanced the use of clay seed balls. One of the greatest advantages of Mr. Formal schooling has no intrinsic value, but becomes necessary when humanity creates a condition in which one must become “educated” to get along. The laboratory pathology researcher was Eiichi Kurosawa.

No, not when you remember that when rice is grown for a long time in the same field without fertilizer, the harvest settles at about 9 bushels pounds per quarter acre.

To grow crops in an unplowed field may seem at first a regression to primitive agriculture, but over the years this method has been shown in university laboratories and agricultural testing centers across the country to be the most simple, efficient, and up-to-date method of all.


Upon investigating the habitat, the balance between insects and their natural enemies, the rate of spider propagation and so on, the leaf-hoppers were found to be just as scarce in my fields as in the Center’s fields, which are sprayed countless times with a variety of deadly chemicals.

Masanobu Fukuoka

An International Perspectiveedited by N. Fukuoka acknowledges with characteristic good humor: It is an inspiring, necessary book about agriculture because it is not just about agriculture.

Fukuoka’s orchard is clayey. Each person should ponder seriously how much hardship he is causing by indulging in food so expensively produced. The roots of this hearty vegetable penetrate deeply into the soil, adding organic matter and opening channels for air and water circulation. In he received the Magsaysay Award for Public Service. The fourth is no dependence on chemicals. Other animals make their livings by living, but people work like crazy, thinking that they have to in order to stay alive.

But I have come to realize the weight and power of this straw.

Also see footnote, pg. For the backyard garden it is enough to say that you should grow hte right vegetables at the right time in soil prepared by organic compost and manure. Only the certain belief that this was teh burned within me. The rice is bundled and hung on wooden or bamboo racks for a few weeks to dry before threshing. That is the stand they take.

He considers the healing of the land and the purification of the human spirit to be one process, and he proposes a way of life and a way of farming in which this process can take place.


Chemical fertilizer drains the earth of its vitality. The basic idea came to him one day as he happened to pass an old field which had been left unused and unplowed for many years. But I have been growing rice in this manner for over twenty years. Toward the end of April Mr. They are then threshed, revklution, and put into sacks for storage. I would have gone anywhere at all fukuuoka someone had asked me.

Also, the varieties of weeds in a given field will change. Now I use a little chicken manure to help decompose the straw. Jun 02, Pages Buy. I can still remember that it was the morning of the 15th of May.

Long rrvolution the American Michael Pollan, he was making the connections between intensive fukjoka, unhealthy eating habits and a whole destructive economy based on oil. This is also true for wheat, rye, buckwheat, oats, millet, and other grains. Among other practices, he abandoned pruning an area of citrus trees, which caused the trees to become affected by insects and tangled branches.

These diseases of rice will not infect the winter grain, however, and if the rice straw is spread in the fall, it will be completely decomposed by the time the rice sprouts up the following spring.

I could hear the flapping of its wings. Yet his white wispy beard and alert, self-assured manner gave him the shraw of a most unusual person. If all of the straw is spread back over the field, the surface will be completely covered. SRBSeptember