Actor Frank Langella’s powers of observation lend the odd brief profiles in “ Dropped Names” substance and richness. Dropped NamesFamous Men and Women As I Knew ThemFrank LangellaHarper: pp., $Frank Langella’s “Dropped Names” is a. The Juiciest Bits From Frank Langella’s Celebrity-Leveling Memoir “Dropped Names”. “All actors are angry babies”: Langella. (Courtesy Getty.

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Langella lnagella witty,articulate and quite a good writer. Langella is a creature of the theater through and through; at a party featuring the Kennedys, it is the presence of Coward that gives him lngella most exciting surprise. A little too much “Chapter one: He respects privacy, and only suggests where he may have been given liberties — one or two, if, well, surprising. Other than that, if the book has a flaw, it is being a bit too much of a muchness; the problem of an all-red pack of Lifesavers is that you find yourself, surprisingly, getting sick of the same flavor, however much it saves you the trouble of making others eat the orange and green ones.

Langella is both an avid and capable observer of others in the strange fishbowl world he exists in, and also determined to not fall victim to any of the demons langgella have laid so many of his compatriots low. Miller didn’t really understand why it was necessary.

Dropped Names: Famous Men and Women As I Knew Them

Frank Langella’s “Dropped Names” is a different kind of memoir. Everyone he is writing about is already dead, so he can dish hilariously when he wants to. Co I think Frank Langella is a terrific actor, so I was interested in reading his memoir. It’s cleverly written and chock-full of actor-stories, however; if that’s as much your thing as it is mine, you’ll like this book too. Throughout the 50 years or so chronicled in this book, we watch Mr. All and all, it wasn’t the best book I’ve ever read, but it was fairly entertaining and a nice change of pace.


‘Dropped Names’ by Frank Langella dishes on fellow actors: Review – latimes

Feb 19, Cateline rated it really liked it. You might feel like you’ll throw this book through a window if you read one more recollection of Mr. Which means it is in an odd zone — not quite the “breezy” memoir that Langella seems to want to present, but neither is it deep enough to be a more satisfying account of a life.

He was a young Italian boy who had grown up in New Jersey and was working at the Cape Playhouse when he became friends with Bunny Melon’s daughter. Hope he keeps his day job Life vibrates, has rhythms, in the moment. Except for Jackie O, who he knew but coyly avoids mentioning if they had an affair or not.

I didn’t always like some of my subjects, and I’m quite certain some of them found me less than sympathetic. Jan 14, Bob Schnell rated it liked it Shelves: Unlicensed to practice psychoanalysis though no stranger to therapyLangella sometimes seems to have an ax to grind — that of an accomplished actor deprived of the stardom granted to his inferiors.

When an actor with an ego comparable to his enters his vicinity, he leans in for a shoulder bump.

I made an exception with this book by Frank Langella, because he is someone I recently discovered and I felt intrigued about him and because I like the concept of his book: I think less of Frank Langella.

One of the most interesting chapters is about the very successful playwright Arthur Miller.

drooped But it is all supremely gossipy, and if you enjoy showbiz gossip, as I do, you might react as I did in childhood when I discovered you could get a pack of Life Savers that consisted of all red ones. A quick, enjoyable read, but not as much fun as I expected from the Times review. And it is essential for a great actor.


He tells more than a few stories of great S. Aug 13, Barbara rated it really liked it. Jul 03, Cindy Knoke rated it liked it. A perfect summer book — fun, low intellectual investment, and full of juicy gossip.

This is one of the better celebrity memoirs that I have read. There are almost no self-revelations here, carefully preserving Langella’s privacy so we never know most of the “companions” that he mentions in the stories though he does claim to conquer Elizabeth Taylor in a cringe-inducing chapter.

I know I will. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. May 29, T Fool rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Massively uninteresting and self-involved guy. And yes, I feel guilty for enjoying this book so much!

Review: ‘Dropped Names’ by Frank Langella dishes on fellow actors

I turned away from John Lennon and oh so many others nnames him. Read it the next time you are sitting in an airport. I would recommend this without reserve. Langella states, “I did not believe or agree with him then, and time has not in the least altered my opinion.

Miller was slapped enough ffank his time with Marilyn, I suspect, but he may have chosen not to think too much it when constructing his idealized fictional persona. A must-read for film and theater buffs, as well as those interested in memoir and biography.

Langella’s view of actors is somewhat condescending, which is something that he often accuses his famous friends of being. Langella is a perfect memoir candidate as he’s frznk a fascinating life.

Yet odd as it might seem, he seems to have had close if not intimate relationships with everyone on the planet except me!