Full text of “Foundations, America Foundations; Their Power And Influence Rene A Wormser ()”. See other formats. FOUNDATIONS RENE A. WORMSER. Rene Wormser was the counsel for a congressional committee commissioned to investigate the great tax-exempt foundations. Despite opposition from the. I read Foundations: Their Power and Influence by René A. Wormser. This book is a third printing from by Covenant House Books.

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All this can add up to conformity.

By closely cooperating foundations, which themselves in- terlock through directorates. The Reece Committee had perhaps the most hazardous career of any committee in the history of Congress. It is educational institutions, because they have the faculties in the various fields, like political science, econom- ics, anthropology, sociology, geography and so on.

The proper use of the same instrument in the area of ideas has distinct and narrow limitations. But such cases are rare and confined to men of great courage and of contempt for economic rewards. It took courage for academicians to testify before the Reece Committee.

It pays for a staff under Mr.

Foundations: Their Power and Influence by Rene A. Wormser

At the same time, it retained voting control of the company and had the satisfaction of knowing that even the nonvoting stock was in friendly hands. A mere suggestion by one of these young men from the foundations can materially influence the direction of a project proposed by an institution or an academician.

Students at a total of 16 institutions re- ceived And founfations turn down a project suggested by this young man himself — that is plwer too dangerous for any university or professor to consider lightly.

Obviously, change is often desirable and even necessary, but not per se. Short of hampering foundations to a point of ineffectiveness, all the legislator can do is to protect the public against certain abuses of power. Some smaller foundations, like The Hillman Foundation, have found their influence greatly amplified through the granting of an- nual awards.

Indeed, there have been few instances in which both these motives have not been present simultaneously in varying proportions. The giant foundation can exercise enormous power through the direct use of its funds. The generally accepted practice of matched grants multiplies the impact of foun- dation giving. As an example of interlocking directorates, the report cited the case of The Rand Corporation. The report of Mr. And even then committee members may come back for more details.


The Cox and Powrr Committees did touch on some of the major cultural and intellectual aspects of foundation operation, but in this area private inquiry could promise wider and even foundtaions penetrating study. The concentration of power has measurable influence on our cultural life.

What, then, are the bases for such punishment? What eventual re- percussions may come from such a development, one can only guess. The Roots of the Reformation were not in dogma alone. Covenant House Books, cviii. Annie Howe rated it liked it Jul 11, But its wealth and influence had aroused bitter and power- ful resentment. How, then, were officers of the Institute able to turn its activities to pro- Soviet objectives?

A professor, eminent and loaded with deserved honors, will listen deferentially to every word of this young man, whose opinions teir academic subjects, relatively untutored though he may be, are of far more practical importance than those of his distinguished listener.

Foundations, America Foundations; Their Power And Influence Rene A Wormser ( 1958)

foudations There is thus a tendency to consider that bigness, in itself, when it is capable of corrective restraint, is sufficient justification for re- medial legislation, even when there is no actual evidence of unfair competition or of collusion. Lindeman presented the true facts of life in the relation be- tween foundations and the recipients of support.

Carr is quoted not to contest his point but to bring out that the change which he supports is clearly political. The Reece Committee had perhaps the most hazardous career of any committee in the history of Congress.

Such research is now almost wholly in the control of the professional employees of the large foundations and their obedient satellites. In making application for a grant before World War II, a few lines or at most a paragraph or two sufficed for the experimental design; now it may extend over six knfluence eight single-spaced typewritten pages.


Whyte ridicules the argument thheir for scientific teamwork: The Rus- sell Sage Foundation, a leader in the foundation world, specializ- ing in philanthropic research, has repeatedly insisted upon public accounting of foundation finances and activities. They have been aired by Congressional inquiry before. Untermyer did not share the fear and distrust of founda- tions expressed by others.

Not all tax-exempt foundations have received as generous treat- ment from the courts as did the League for Industrial Democracy, The Twentieth Century Fund lost its tax exemption teir the years to because of its advocacy of enabling laws on credit-union extension. Hundreds of years ago, foundatoons Church introduced rules against nepotism. It seems fair to assume that his in- augural address, delivered in Washington in September 6,may represent the position of social scientists enjoying foundation support.

Fooundations the influence of the administrators on the choice of causes and recipients supported by grants, Hughes sees a real danger to thier Republic. Jpmontz marked it as to-read Sep 01, By the 12th century they had come to own 9, manors and had become lower to obvious excess. Periodical meetings of foundation executives now take place in New York, informal in nature, perhaps, for the purpose of dis- cussing policy problems and determining common action.

It is to be hoped that those who manage the great corporations will be alert to this danger and carefully avoid it. Refresh and try again. There can be no doubt that foundations repre- sent, financially, but a small part of the philanthropic world. Its annual report disclosed some pride in the fact that it has been closely in- terlocked in an important network: Absten- tion from voting, where there is a conflict foudations interest, does not adequately protect the public.

Moreover, there are also thousands who, hopeful of becoming beneficiaries of future grants, either conceal their criticisms or else give expression to a defense that may not be wholly sincere.