Materials and Methods: Emulgel formulations of diclofenac potassium were prepared using different . subjected to various evaluation parameters such as drug. Emulgels have been extensively covered as a promising drug delivery system for the administration of lipophilic drugs. This work was. Formulation and Evaluation of Luliconazole Emulgel for. Topical Drug Delivery. Dhobale Shankar,* Shelke Gajanan, Jadhav Suresh, Gaikwad.

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To overcome this limitation, emulgel, a novel drug delivery has emerged which is a combination of gel and emulsion, where the presence of gelling agent in the water phase converts a classical emulsion into a gel. Although, the pharmacological evidence presented herein, shows a quantitatively kf activity for the marketed preparation, the designed formulation was at par with the marketed one with significantly better activity demonstrated against the placebo.

Formulation and evaluation of Cyclosporin A emulgel for ocular delivery.

The present work is to develop Clindamycin emulgel adaptable formuation drug delivery systems which provide protection against oxidation, fast absorption, prolonged release and enables reduction in dose and evaluate the emulgel using an ideal topical drug candidate of Clindamycin by suitable method with its release. After a number of trials, microemulsion of aceclofenac was optimized with:.

Ex-vivo studies were done in the same manner as that of in vitro diffusion studies where the dialysis membrane was replaced with rat skin. The highest drug release was observed with T4, where the drug release showed Microemulsion formulation aids in improving the drug solubility owing to reduced particle size, improved surface evaaluation and better permeation. Dr Ashok Kumar Verma. Percentage inflammation was calculated as under:. Secondly, relevance of this fact is flrmulation more when the respective drugs are taken life-long in chronic conditions like arthritis.


Thus, the study was conducted to develop novel microemulsion-based emulgel formulations of aceclofenac, a poorly water soluble drug and evaluate its anti-inflammatory activity.


However, further research evaluatoon warranted focusing on formulation stability and more in vivo studies to substantiate the potential of the emulgel formulation as robust and efficacious topical based drug delivery system of aceclofenac.

Hence, the topical route would be one of the ideal alternatives to enhance local delivery, bypassing these side effects.

Terbinafine hydrochloride, CarbapolAntifungal activity, Film formation, Emulgel formulation. The microemulsion when diluted in 1: Wistar rats g were divided randomly into three groups. Thus, manifesting a comparable activity and a better tolerability profile of aceclofenac to that of diclofenac, the former may provide an edge over the latter, for topical activity.

Group II received aceclofenac emulgel equivalent to 2.

Herein, no further evaluation and animal studies were done to assess the implications of the formulation in vivo. Commercially available Terbinafine hydrochloride cream was used for comparison.

Formulation and Evaluation of Tioconazole Emulgel for Topical Drug Delivery System

Particle size and Zeta potential analysis: Anti-inflammatory studies by carrageenan induced paw edema model: In both the models, animals treated with aceclofenac emulgel showed inflammation reversal in 2 h of application, resulting in improved inhibition of inflammation with an effect lasting up to 6 h. An effective anti-inflammatory drug is emulgle to act via both the pathways, thus mitigating inflammation.


Thus, the microemulsion based aceclofenac emulgel showed promising results as an effective anti-inflammatory topical drug delivery system, in this preliminary investigation. Microemulsions are thermodynamically stable and enhance drug permeation ane release. The average cumulative amount of drug permeated per unit surface area of the skin was plotted versus time.

On the contrary, in the placebo group inflammation persisted till the 4th h and later showed a decline which was statistically insignificant compared to the treated groups, which reinstates the efficacy of aceclofenac, lack of any activity attributed to excipients and effective delivery of the drug.

Carrageenan induced paw edema and croton ear edema model. A set of nine rats was used in the study. In this investigation, a microemulsion-based emulgel of aceclofenac was successfully formulated, which lead to formulatino solubility and drug release of aceclofenac. Ex-vivo drug release of emulgel was found to be Aceclofenac content in emulgel was measured by dissolving known 0. The microemulsion which had highest amount of drug solubility and water uptake in the pseudo ternary phase diagram was chosen for trials on microemulsion.

The particle size of the microemulsion was found to be Hence, the study yields valuable insights into improving the solubility of a BCS class II drug, through a microemulsion based emulgel.