EXAIR’s Air Nozzle Blowoff Guide to see the details on our enormous selection .. EXAIR’s Super Air Knife is the latest generation of our engineered air knife. EXAIR’s Super Air Knife is a new generation of air knife that dramatically reduces compressed air usage and noise when compared to other blowoffs. The Super. EXAIR Super Air Knife, SCFM per Inch Maximum Flow Rate, 80 psig: Industrial Air Cylinders: : Industrial & Scientific.

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Each of these systems will include a water-dirt filter separator to prevent water condensate and dirt from entering your enclosure and cold air distribution kit used to direct the air for circulation or on to hot spots. It maximizes ionized airflow while minimizing compressed air consumption. The powerful suction is ideal for fast and efficient cleaning. Using a small amount of compressed air as their power source, High Temperature Air Amplifiers pull in large volumes of surrounding air to produce high volume, high velocity outlet flows through a fixed air gap.

Standard Air Knife – provides good performance with a The Gen4 Ionizing Point is effective for spot neutralization. As the primary airflow exits the thin slotted nozzle 2it creates a uniform sheet of air across the entire length that immediately pulls in surrounding room air 3.

Super Air Knife Systems and Accessories

When a leak is present, an audible tone can be heard with the use of the headphones, and the LED display will light. The PVDF Super Air Knife is suitable for manufacturing processes that involve electroplating, solar cells, lithium ion batteries, transfer of acids and caustic chemicals, brine, solvent recovery, semiconductors, and medical devices.


Even at high pressures of 80 PSIG 5. It will remove heat to prolong tool life and increase productivity on machining operations when liquid coolants cannot be used. Siphon fed nozzles can be used on liquids with a viscosity up to cP.

Custom materials and sizes can be made to order. The Super Air Knife offers a more efficient way to clean, dry or cool parts, webs or conveyors. The kit includes two rigid plates along with the assembly screws.

When a leak is present, an audible tone can be heard with the use of the headphones, and the LED display will light. The Universal Air Knife Mounting System can aif articulated into any position and provides a maximum extension of 30″ mm.

Simply mount the hose in close proximity to the application and bend it. Flow meters for copper pipe also available.

Two other variations for VAC are also available. The flow is directed to a precise, slotted orifice.

Super Air Knives that are 24″ or longer must be supplied with compressed air at multiple inlets on the knife to ensure even airflow. Drum Dollys are available for 5, 30, 55 and gallon drums.


There are a variety of ways to blow the water from the bottles shown in the photo, knige which method is best? The Model AC Sensor provides non-contact verification that a voltage is present.

Back Blow Air Nozzles and Accessories.

Exair Super Air Knife

The compact design features large throat diameters for maximum throughput capability. Compressed air inlets are exairr on each end and on the bottom. Back Blow Air Nozzles and Accessories.

Adjustable Spot Cooler and Accessories. A low cost solution to quickly remove chips and contaminants from grooves, containers and drilled holes. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Air Knives

If your application may require moving your vacuum around the plant, these dollys are rugged and will make moving the vacuum systems from place to place easy. EXAIR’s Gen4 Super Ion Air Knife removes exakr electricity from plastics, webs, sheet stock and other product surfaces where tearing, jamming or hazardous shocks are a problem. External mix nozzles can be used on liquids with a viscosity above cP. For this application, energy use was slightly higher than the blower but can be less than the blower if cycling on and off is possible.