This plugin allows you to export single or multiple DokuWiki pages into one LaTeX file. It will export all media in a ZIP archive. It also supports exporting syntax. Thank to the LaTeX Plugin and the superb work of Mark Grimshaw (see http:// , I have developed a small bibtex plugin, which. You may consider using the other DokuWiki plugins to render Math: the latexrenderer plugin [A bit more complex to install, still use LaTeX syntax for Maths].

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Download and install the plugin. Windows portable version of ImageMagick convert. CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.

The ImageMagick path must be at the beginning of the PATH variable, since the convert binary has the same name as a Microsoft-supplied program. How to set the default color to black: Tagged with formulamathmathml.

Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually. Inline math formulas dokuwiik rendered slightly above rest of the text. CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.

Where can one find the blacklist? Make sure that the LaTeX and ImageMagick binaries are in the PATH variable and restart your webserver to absorb the changeor use the plugin’s configuration to set the full paths — note that you will need quotes around filenames with spaces, such as “C: Paper size of the document a4paper, dokkwiki, b5paper, executivepaper, legalpaper.


The Math Plugin render mathematical expression expressed in either La Tex or plain text as image or as MathMLdepending on the rendering program engine used. This is page 1, and it is a right side page. It isn’t affected by the Dokuwiki version; I’ve tested it successfully latfx Angua.

mimetex Plugin

Adjust method signatures to match parent. I have installed DokuWiki on a Debian system, using simple apt-get. A replacement of the recursion syntax is the insertwikipage syntax. Check the MediaWiki LaTeX troubleshooting guide for possible solutions, though note for example that the DokuWiki plugin does not use texvc. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually. Please note that this is a preliminary version of the plugin that works only with mimetex in CGI mode see below for config details.

Variously out-dated but quite in-depth installation instructions can be found on E-razor’s wiki. I am using the Latex plugin for Dokuwiki. Follow us on FacebookTwitter and other social networks.

plot – Using TikZ with DokuWiki – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

It will involve modifying and hosting the XyJax javascript file yourself it isn’t available on a CDN as far as I can tellwhich is outside of the scope of dookuwiki plugin. CC Attribution-Share Alike 4. Title for the url when it is shown in the wiki. I wouldn’t recommend trying it, though, as it will most likely just break things.


Better use the config plugin to do so. User Tools Log In. Similar to formatjsmathmathmath2mathjaxmimetex.

For some reason, plugin manager has troubles doing automatic installation on my machine. March apt-get install texlive-latex-base imagemagick ghostscript. Corrected signature of function ‘handle ‘. This is the highest element. Renders inline LaTeX code. Main tasks which which were the design of this ltaex A boring looking but elegant composition with the title againthe sub-title, the authors, and little else. I’ve illustrated this with the Arithmetic chapter.

For automated batch conversion of even slightly complex math, you’re screwed — Johan.

LaTeX Plugin

When articles are too long, you may want to split them into sections:. This is page 2, and it is a left dokuwkii. This is an update of the MathMulti plugin Old version avail here recoded to be compatible with the config and plugin manager plugins.

Could someone kindly provide his local copy?