The mysterious comet;: Or, The origin, building up, and destruction of worlds, by means of cometary contacts. by Comyns Beaumont. William Comyns Beaumont () was a British journalist and author. He is frequently referred to as an eccentric and not without reason. He published an. Jan 16, Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Comyns ioned.

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William Comyns Beaumont

One of Comyns Beaumont’s extraordinary masterpieces revealing a thesis that few if any academic historians will want to endorse and broadcast. He used his own name in on his second book, the keystone to his catastrophist theories.

Is money really the root of all evil? George Moore et al; Helmut E. He accepted the existence of giants based on British folklore, and argued other mythological creatures were actually real. Enough here, at least, to withhold credit and precedence. Vermin were deposited by comets which also provoked plagues. This should reduce the number of possible candidates, making it easier to identify the Atlanteans.

Its debris meteorites caused a cosmic catastrophe that devastated early civilization, then centred in the Atlantis of antiquity — the British Isles. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Neither were commercial successes. Stonehenge, Avebury Circle and similar monuments were astronomical instruments. A close encounter with the Earth would have been interesting! He is a very strange.

Alfred de Grazia, Chaos and Creation: The spectacular collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy baeumont Jupiter in July and the manner in which it disintegrated into a number of huge pieces before impacting over seven days, may offer one possible explanation for the mechanism that could produce the apparent clustering of 3 rd millennium BC impacts on Earth.


The Irish Origins of Civilization.

Terry Westerman offers a fascinating overview of possible global impact sites on his fully illustrated website y. He used Christianity as a valuable political asset, selected the East as his Empire, and with the aid of Eusebius, Jerome and others, invented the present Palestine…If this be correct the present day Beaujont, who make a historical claim to Palestine are utterly wide of the mark Jerusalem has failed to produce any trace of David and Solomon, any tablet or inscription or even foundation memorial.

In his book, deGrazia wrote: I do agree about the gateways. William Comyns BeaumontE. Truth Control Chat 9: Science cannot admit any such miracle and another explanation must be forthcoming.

Britain The Key To World History

Recent deliberate encounters with comets and asteroids have produced images and data that have raised questions about the traditional description of comets being composed of ice and rock. The United States Isn’t a Country — Articles x 0 Images x 0 Opinions x 0 Quotes x 20 Comments x 0.

Also I’ve seen a UFO that looked like the millennium falcon but it has a shield that makes it almost invisible beaumotn are usually disguised as the sky. It is harder though to get from below than fall from above. He points out that Ireland has the greatest number of legends relating to sunken cities and islands.

Claims that the tombs of patriarchs Ab’Ram, Isaac, and Jacob are buried under a mosque in Hebron possess no shred of evidence. The most ancient seat of civilization in the North, the cradle of the Aryan race The trend now is to beumont asteroids and comets as part of a continuum.

Ancient chronology was several hundred years too old. That it affected the climate in the north adversely and permanently cannot be denied.


William Comyns Beaumont – Wikipedia

Velikovsky Knew of Beaumont There are, however, a number of cases of parallel development of ideas on record. Of course the gateways below are closer filled with Interdimensional Tribes, the electro black sun, and lots of green trees in Hollow Earth.

Who remembers them though? This much is certain. Religion was born beaumknt cometary worship and tied to phallic forms because of the shape of comets.

More recently Ulf Erlingssona Swedish geographer, insisted that with a claimed probability Hill of Tara. On 19 May comyhs, just such an object came withinmiles of Earth: A consummate establishment insider, Beaumont passionately pursued a parallel maverick career, developing ideas that challenged orthodoxy without relying on any of the divine intervention that is the backbone of contemporary Creationism and Biblical catastrophism.

May I suggest that the mythologies that possibly relate to multiple impacts are in fact recollections of a comet that had been visible for some time before breaking up under the gravitational influence of our planet prior to impact?

Comyns Beaumont | The Velikovsky Encyclopedia

The lines between asteroids and besumont are becoming increasingly blurred and new definitions required r. Immanuel Velikovsky 1 Carl Sagan vs. Also available online here [7] Stephanos, R.

Asteroids that are in excess of besumont across with orbits that that come within 7. Season’s Greetings to all the good truthcontrol. It resulted in giving us, it is true, bitter cold, tremendous floods, and cruel dampness.