For more information on the use of Knowledgeware throughout CATIA V5, see Using Knowledgeware Capabilities in the CATIA V5 Infrastructure User’s Guide. Catia V5 knowledgeware awareness session. Francois Trudel. DS Service, Lean Engineering. KBE Development Application Consultant. n. Product Lifecycle Management. 2. Value Proposition. 1. CATIA V5 Knowledgeware: What is it? Table Of Contents: CATIA V5 Knowledgeware. 3. Conclusion.

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Can be replaced with a parameter located in a Part that is a new version of an old part not necessarily the same part number. You can also include a URL to a web page or a file that contains supporting information.

Specifying a tolerance Length or Angle parameter only. Importing parameters and knowledgewade. Similarly, select Operators to see basic mathematical and Boolean operators.

The file must be located in a shared directory. Knowpedgeware range Specify limits for a parameter and indicate whether the limit values are included or excluded from the acceptable range. In this case, the New step dialog box is displayed and you can enter another step. Add a comment to indicate the reason for the limits applied to a parameter.

ENOVIAvpm-CATIA V5 Knowledgeware Integration

Adding Ranges and Values to a Design Table. Note that the part number can also be modified in the Parameters Explorer in Knowledge Advisor.


Click OK when done. In the specification tree, a broken or invalid design table is displayed. Published parameters Can be replaced with the same publication located in a part not necessarily a new version, or identical part number.

The environment variable CATTermDT enables you to choose the terminal from which the design tables editor will be started. Associating a URL with a parameter.

Note that this indicator is not recursive. This way, you can select the terminal, which can impact the way the editor behaves. When a formula links two parameters, and if the input parameter has a tolerance, this tolerance will not be propagated to the output parameter.

CATIA Knowledgeware Infrastructure

Considering the opposite assembly, it is now possible to knowledbeware in VPM V4 Part1 with another part The part numbers can be identical or not containing inowledgeware renamed parameter both names must be identical. Check the Create a design table from a pre-existing file.

The Filter Name and Filter Type filters can be used to restrict the display of a parameter list. Selecting the Design Table Editor on Unix. For example, if you create a displacement cztia condition in Step 1 and use a Knowledgeware formula to modify the value for Step 2, the resulting value will be propagated to Knowledegware 3. Renamed parameters not published Can be replaced with the same renamed parameter located in a part. Displaying only a formula definition in f x. Selecting a parameter from the parameter list will highlight this parameter in the specification tree and display its value in the geometry area.


This association is performed using the quick formula. Specifying the Material parameter value. Select the Part Number from the parameters list. In the Editor, select Length. The Edit Parameter window is displayed. Editing or modifying a formula. When the design table is created, the rank of the columns fits the rank of the parameters in the Inserted parameters list. Before doing this, check that the material catalog is installed on your machine. If you click the document knowledgesare feature in the specification tree, you display all the document parameters.

You can now reorder parameters sets and relations sets as you already could do for parameters and relations. A default name is given to the parameter. Add tolerance Add a tolerance to any measurement in the model. A new field enables you to change a parameter value when creating and especially editing a formula.

Edit the parameter, then in the value field of the parameter editor, select Measure Between from the contextual menu. Adding a comment to a parameter.