The story is told by Willie Ashenden, a character who previously appeared in Maugham’s short-story collection Ashenden. A novelist, Ashenden is befriended by. Full text of “Cakes And Ale Maugham” ORG ELECTRONIC REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED CAKES AND ALE knew that nothing short of a downright “go. Complete summary of W. Somerset Maugham’s Cakes and Ale. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Cakes and Ale.

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No compliment pleased him bet- ter.

And Rosie Driffield was a big ol’ slut. I had already begun putting vas- eline on my upper lip every night to make my moustache grow.

Full text of “Cakes And Ale Maugham”

That is caked I have written a little more. We sat on Chippendale chairs and ate off a Chippendale table. Smith was wrong here. The lively, loving heroine once gave Driffield enough material to last a lifetime, but now her memory casts an embarrissing shadow over his career and respectable image.

And it is well known that Beauty does not look with a good grace on the timid advances of Humour. Edward Driffield exists in the background of the narrative. I think that is about right too.

But who wants to be satisfied? I was talking with the vicar and for want of anything better to say was admiring the charming view. It is lovely and will be reread. Unfortunately he only bellowed with laughter. I could feel sure at all events that he would not give me away.


But Lady Hodmarsh was a woman of tact and it must have oc- curred to her that I, the excuse for the party, had scarcely had a word with Edward Driffield, for at the door, enveloping me with a friendly smile, she said to him: Sir Hugh WalpoleBritish novelist, critic, and dramatist, a natural storyteller with a fine flow of words and romantic invention. George Kemp would like to see him. I asked Mary-Ann my question and she slopped a wet clout noisily into the sink.

People I did not know made me dreadfully self-conscious, and I could not take in any of the details of her appearance. And to show my indignation when the sweet was put on the table, though it was raspberry tart which I was extremely fond of, I refused to have any. In the ante-chamber were only an ancient porter and a page; and I had a sudden and melancholy feeling that the members were all attending the funeral of the head waiter.

Somerset Maugham 18 95 May 16, One day I happened to tell her that Mary-Ann was our cook. It was getting on for seven and the day was drawing in.

I look forward to reading more of it. Luncheon was announced and we trooped into the dining room. He tries to be snotty but learns to unbend as he gets older. No one can be a humbug for five-and-twenty years. Unlike in the past, I no longer force myself to do something — so now I do things only if I have the time and inclination.


The wine steward, portly in black, with the silver chain of his office round his neck, bustled in with the wine list in his hand. Ashenden holds the key to the deep mystery of love, and the act of love, in the life of each character, as he recounts a history of creativity, infidelity and literary memory. Driffield came up to us with bustling geniality. We told one another that neither of us had had the success he deserved.

Cakes and Ale

a,e He was cales very good stick to beat the Philistines with. But when my aunt asked me whether I could not manage a little more I refused with cold dig- nity. All Blackstable knew, but only thought him purse-proud. No bazaar lacked an autographed copy of at least one of his books.

For maughak author to have no sexual interest in the woman his protagonist paints as sexually irresistible I fancy that life is more amusing now than it was forty years ago and I have a notion that people are more amiable. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica. William Somerset Maugham was born in Paris in I had seen portraits of him from time to time in the illustrated papers but it was with dismay that I saw him in the flesh.