Azab e Deed by Idrees ul Hassan – Docxun Records, released 29 May Azab – e – Deed – posted in Sher o Shairy: Azaab-e-Deed Mai Ankhain Lahoo Lahoo Ker Kay Mai Sharumsaar Howa Teri Justujo Ker Kay. Paramount Books Largest Bookseller and Publisher in Pakistan.

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The eleventh last revelation from Allah. Map of the Moon. The 14 letters in 29 surahs. Can Prophet Muhammad read and write? Psalm Zabur recited by Prophet David Dawud and the Quran recited by Prophet Muhammad confirm there is no life in the grave and no feeling in the grave and no talking in the grave and no sight in the grave and no voices in the grave and no consciousness in the grave between the time of death and the Day of Resurrection.

The Day of Resurrection is the Deef of Accounting. Who said The Quran is the stories from the people of the past? Giving power to the supernatural when all power belongs to Allaah is from the whispering of Satan Shaitan. Defd it will be said to him, ‘Look at your place in the Hell-Fire. That is not make sense. Today slavery is abolished in Islam.

Corrections and Questions are welcome and can be emailed to somaliahamradio yahoo. The sin of ewe and Hazrat Dawud. No creation is Allah.

Punishment of the Grave

Hadrat Muhammad is not a mad man. It does not matter how many verses from the four Gospel Injil you show them as proof that Jesus Isa is not Allaah they cannot accept it because they believe other stories from humans that are not written azah the four Gospel Injil.


Psalm 22 My Allaah my Allaah why have you forsaken me? Hadith Jesus second coming.

Which son of Prophet Nuh drowned? Prophet Elijah Ilyas shows what happens when humans die. Heaven is the home of the soul forever. In the Torah Taurat “human are created in the image of Allaah” does not mean that Allaah looks like a human.

Allah Almighty says about this moment of dying. Hazrat Muhammad is the last prophet of Allah. Monkeys and pigs in the Quran.

The seventh revelation of Prophet Muhammad. Peace in the Koran Gospel and Torah. Al Quran surah 8. Explain there is not a nation where a warner has not been sent. There is no punishment in the grave because when the wrong doer and the righteous are resurrected both will say w the hereafter that the time between their death and their resurrection feels like only one hour or part of a day in sleep had passed. I absolutely do not agree with the Bible.

azab-e-deed me ankhain lahu lahu kr k ~ Just4fun

The misguidance of Jihad war between Sunni deee Shia. The Jews in Israel and Palestine in the Quran. Sacrifice of the son veed Prophet Abraham in Quran chapter These stories were collected after the death of Prophet Muhammad by Abu Bakr from a man who was trusted to have direct knowledge of the sayings of the prophet because that trusted man was invited to eat with the prophet.


Who said, Al Quran is nothing but a lie?

The covenant between Allaah and the children of Israel. Al-Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr was one of the seven most famous jurists in Madinah and was considered as the most knowledgeable among them. God gives the Quran as an inheritance to those who believe in God.

Azab E Deed By Mohsin Naqvi

The sixth men on the Moon. Stone idol worshippers say al Quran is not true. If you download the voice recorder you can download it by clicking the below URL site and you heard it, you will hear the crowd of people screaming: Haman in the Quran.

The Persecution of Muslims in Makkah because they believed in Allaah. They were close to a few graves in which olytheist were buried, so the Prophet aab alaihe wa-sallam said, “These, people are being tortured in their graves, and were it not that you would stop burying your dead, I would ask Allah to let you hear the punishment in the grave which I can hear.

Humans are lost from the mercy of Allah. One day Hazrat Muhammad shall die. Deex son was to be sacrificed by Prophet Ibrahim in Quran Prophet Muhammad in Jerusalem. What does twice mean?