Arresting Developments by In love with a Crooked Smile Chasing Fire by owenic. There Will be Blood by johnnyboy7. Do Over by Tkegl (now. I also love Harry Potter but for some reason I can not get in to Harry Fanfics. Well anyway I Arresting Developments by In Love with a Crooked Smile. Violet by. And I had no idea what kind of garbage had come out of her mouth before She said that you told some of your friends in Boston that you were pretending to love your son’s mother so that . I asked Bella with a crooked grin.

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I never knew by nerac After a phone call from a stranger turns her life upside down, Isabella Dwyer realizes that the people you trust the most sometimes tell the biggest lies.

Cop/Agentella – TwiFanfictionRecs

Officer Bella is a bartender and Undercoverward is a bouncer at a strip club called the Drunk Tank. His life’s ambition may become thwarted due to the inexplicable pull he feels for his captive especially when she proves too hard to ni.

The chief had been extremely upset when I told him about Bella’s encounter at the park with the creep. Can she convince a man in uniform to help her discover the things she never knew?


I could have kept talking, but what would be the point of making an apology when she couldn’t hear me. Fanfiction, Maxandmo, […] imarieswancullenRead on Fanfiction. I looked up at the house and saw my mom standing at the back door. What are we having? Wihh looked over at Luke with wide eyes, expecting to see him in a similar state, but he wasn’t.

He caught the little boy and lifted him up. I’m too fucking tired,” she mumbled. She poked her head out of the file room. We spent the next two hours running, climbing, sliding, swinging, and laughing.

I lifted up the gauze and Heidi handed me a fresh one soaked in Bactine. He didn’t have to say what he was thinking; I already knew. If she comes anywhere near the house when you’re here, I need croooed to call the cops. Can he protect her and an entire flight from imminent danger Twilight – Rated: I know what she did to you.

TSL is one of my favorite fics ever! Crookfd wanted to throw the fucking thing across the room. I can pay you. My heart was racing and I could already feel the sweat dripping down my neck. I need to get those on my hard drive and added to my nook. With the help of Port Angeles detective, Bella Swan, can they solve the case and find love?


Charlie returned with Carlisle who was followed by Jasper and everyone sat down at the table. I couldn’t think about anything other than what she was doing to me. devvelopments

I put my hand on her hip, hoping that she would be favorable to a full round, but she smiled and shook her head.

Sweet Caroline by kr reviews The last patient of the day turns out to be more than pediatrician Edward Cullen bargained for. What the hell is going on?

Rated M for language, lemons, dark scenes, and violence. Heidi smiled and did the girly silent squeal thing before grabbing my face.

Cop/Agentella – TwiFanfictionRecs

I threw my arm around her and she elbowed me in the ribs. When she passed by me, I grabbed her wrist. I was trying to keep her safe, but xevelopments retrospect, I did the exact opposite. I snaked my hand under her t-shirt and up her ribcage to grope at her tit.