Read Yajurveda Abasthamba Abara Prayogam book reviews & author details and more at Manthras for apara samskaras and their kriyas. May 21, of gleaned knowledge from Anna’s Sradha Vidhi, Srinivasan’s Pithru Yagnam And Yajurvediya Apasthambha Apara Prayogam by Anna. Jan 19, 2. aashvalaayana puurva-apara-prayogam > 3. aashvalaayana shraaddha prayogam: 2 and 3 are smaarta prayoga texts for > the R^ig vedins.

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Show the spoons for doing Homa in fire, and after dipping the Durbha in water add them to the fire. We should put the dust of their feet caught in the upper cloth on our head. We should pray to Pithrus that they should get apraa by the Pinda offered by us. This sprinkling is done in the opposite way. Then prayogaam rice with Upaveethi on the Brahmin representing Vishnu, if there is one.

Here the youngest family member goes first followed by people of the family in the order of their age. Act as if you are digging the place using Durbha. This is started with an Aachamana and requesting the permission of the assembled Brahmins for doing the ritual.

Request the Brahmins who have been invited for the Sradha to take oil bath and take them near the Homa Kunda and chant the Sankalpa Mantras with Yagnopavitha on the right side shoulder-Pracheena vidhiwhich would tell that we are performing the Sradha of a particular ancestor apaar was born in a particular Gothra and then clean the hand by touching water, The wife should be touching us on our shoulder by the Durbha.

Then we have to do Aachamana twice after keeping the Pavithra in the ears and after putting the Pavithra again and putting the Sacred thread on right shoulder keep the Durbha from north to south in between the leaves of the Viswedevas and Pithrus ,keep the pinda on it praylgam sprinkle Gingelly mixed with water orayogam the Pinda.

When we mention the time like Thithi day season etc we praypgam wear the sacred thread normally and the later part with Pracheenavithi. We have to sprinkle the water on ourselves and then on our wife and other family members assembled there. Then the Kartha should do Aachamana Pour a drop of water in the hands of the Brahmin who has been chosen to represent the Viswe devas, and request him to take his Asana seat by giving him a Dharbha The elder priest should be made to represent the Viswe deva.


Apara Prayogam (Tamil)

Next ceremony is Pinda Dhana. On the day of Sradha after doing Madhyahnika, take bath again, change the sacred thread, The rules of Sradha say that it should be performed in The Kudhabha kala in the Aparahna which is approximately 8 hours after Sun rise.

For Mahavishnu it is done with Upaveethi. Keep the spoons on the north and do pranayama and then do pariseshechanam in anti clock wise direction.

This Homa is followed by Homa of ghee onlyby chanting bhoo swaha, bhuva swaha. If he does it wrongly, the sin goes to him and not to us.

Even if Vishnu is not represented by a Brahmin, all items should be served. Then we have to offer Namaskarams to all these three two Brahmins after circling them three times. We should then request our ancestors who have been cremated by fire or buried to accept the Pinda and be happy.

This ritual is done with sacred thread on the left shoulder 4. Then water should be sprinkled pariseshechanam in the anti clock wise direction appara the fire. Then one should spread Durba grass to the south of the Homa fire and keep two small brass. Once we adopt the priesthe is our Guru Teacher and we have to follow his orders.

This consists of pouring ghee as well as keeping Samith on the fire by prayoyam chant of several mantras. Then all the clan family members present there do three pradakshinams to the Brahmins and do Namaskarams to them.

அபர ப்ரயோகம் – Apara Prayogam

Pour little waterput Akshatha. Put Asana seat for the three people to take their food.

Some people chant mantras and offer only Akshatha. Please remember that for Viswe devas and Vishnu we should wear our sacred thread Upaveethi and for Pithrus Pracheenavithi After the Sradha to the parentsnext day early morning, The Paraheni Tharpana addressed to our paternal ancestors is done. In that place start a fire by bringing a fire either by camphor or if there is a stove with fire woodby bringing an ember from there.

In qpara families they call three Brahmins and the third Brahmin represents Vishnu. For preventing pryogam and inviting devas, we should keep a small cup of Arghya with rice in the east of the fire. There is a very peculiar mantra used here viz e matha pralulobha charthyanuvratha, thanme retha pitha vrungthaa abhuranyopa padhythaam sarmane swahameaning if my mother has not observed chastity, then let this rice go to my real father.


Similarly Water should be filled up in the other vessel with a different Manthra. When performs a ritual he has to perform it as done by his paternal ancestors. Then the feet of the Pithru should be washed and the water thrown out. Poorvangam preliminary rituals a. The Boktha representing Pithrus should wash his hand first and do Aachamana. The Durbha placed in the east and west should have tip towards east and those kept on the south and north should have tip towards north.

He represents the Vishnu who is requested to protect the Sradha.

[Advaita-l] Prayoga texts from the raajaa-vedapaaThashaalaa

At the end keep the cup of ghee on the north and do Pranayama. Since most of us do not maintain the Oupasana firenow a days normally a Sradha starts with a ritual asking pardon for not doing itwhich is followed by Oupasana. Normally every one performs Sradha only to his parents but it should be offered by us to all those to whom we have performed death ceremony, Real parents in case we are apra, Grandparentsif they die after the death of all their sons and brother of father if he does not have a sonbrother if he does not have a son.

Then we should give Arghya to Vishnu with pure water.

[Advaita-l] Prayoga texts from the raajaa-vedapaaThashaalaa

In most of the families there would not be any Brahmin representing the Vishnu But while serving food a leaf is put for Vishnu and food is served on it. We should then offer Asana to the Maha Praygam, if a Brahmin represents him. Then pray to the father, grandfather and great grandfathertelling them that the food which is tasty and pure has been prepared for them. Then prayoyam such Samith should be kept on the fire.

Some people show camphor and Sambrani to the Brahmins.