So there is a bit of an interesting story that goes along with me deciding to read this book. I first spotted its not-so-subtle cover on the desk of my coworker. Results 1 – 26 of 26 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Alissa-Nutting books online. Free delivery Alissa Nutting. Filter your La lezione · Alissa. E-bok, Laddas ned direkt. Köp Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls av Alissa Nutting på La lezione. Alissa Nutting. Köp.

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You can learn a bit about what elements need to come together in order for the perfect storm of means, motive, opportunity and desire to take place. No, the problem is that it’s not enough to just do a Killer Inside Me-style “Hey, y’all, I’m a major sociopath and it’s a hoot” and add som One star probably isn’t fair.

A woman submits to a procedure that will turn her body into a futuristic ant farm, only to discover the sinister plans of her doctor. Open Alisa See a Problem? Instead we had the first hundred pages of our protagonist, Celeste, touching herself at any given opportunity at one point I wonder I really wanted to enjoy this book.

La lezione

But the woman was very lost, suffering from rape at around the age of her victim, and probably still stuck at that age herself, as victims of childhood trauma often are. Lezoine think somewhere in the book she also wanted to say something about our society’s obsession with staying young and never aging. Here’s why people aren’t shocked when men sleep with teen girls – that’s what society teaches us from the time we’re born.

Not only a sexual kink but an all consuming obsession that leaves room for no other parts of life?


This is all there is to her character. Imagine lezkone from the mindset of a sexual predator but starting to feel bad for them?

Alissa Nutting

Celeste is njtting also a sociopath, but this is not explored very deeply, and instead barely displays any attributes of one outside of drugging her husband a cop- yeah alisss is believablehow she treats the father of the first boy she seduces, and showing no regret for her actions with her student conquests, one the first year of teaching, one in the second year, who she has sex with at the home of the first student read the book if you care how this is possible- trust me it is not worth it Based on the way the teacher and student hook up so often everyone around them has to be blind or drunk not to catch on to what is going on.

I’m finding it hard to explain why I disliked this book so much without having it sound like I was just grossed out. Had Nutting had a way with words, and been able to convey the creepiness a lil more eloquently all would have been forgiven. This website uses its own cookies so that you have the best user experience.

Nutting alissa the best Amazon price in

Diet Nutging Cooper shock grubbing for brain dead grade grubbers. Within weeks of her first term at a new school, Celeste has lured the charmingly modest Jack Patrick into her web – car rides after dark, rendezvous at Jack’s house while his single father works the late shift, and body-slamming encounters in Celeste’s empty classroom between periods.

View all 5 comments. But this is barely touched on. And while this book presents a good picture of a paedophile, it simply does not possess enough texture outside of it. To me, Tampa crossed into the realm of tasteless and artless masturbatory garbage.

Nutting isn’t trying to coax the reader into being sympathetic, but rather obviously intends to shock and appall as much as she possibly can.


Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls – E-bok – Alissa Nutting () | Bokus

And she didn’t have a personality either. Lo siento pero no. I like the bizarre, but in this case, it was a tad cartoonish. To try and raise this to the level of literature is laughable. A feeling has been tearing up the underground of the fiction world.

Not that there’s anything wrong with masturbatory fodder – Nuttinh just like my intellect to be tittilated too! Don’t start with the crazy.

Some are trying to fight their way out of the cycle of abuse, while others must cope with the anguish brought on by infertility or the aftershocks of an abortion. In general, this was me reading Tampa: Nor does it make you someone who is likely to go out and create a bomb yourself for the sole purpose of hurting people. Tampa by Alissa Nutting 6 57 Oct 04, I simply didn’t like this book because Celeste was so disgustingly vain that I wanted to kill her.

Not because we’re coddling her, but because we as a society find that odd, so our reaction is “Eww. Read it if you want to aliasa preached to, and have no real interest in human psychology and sexuality whatsoever.

So yeah, this book became a hit because it’s “shocking”, not because it’s good. I think many people who enjoyed this book were probably drawn in by what they saw as kezione author’s clever handling of a difficult subject.

Around the Year i This is not a guilty one-star rating.