Dicastery: Congregation for the Clergy Topic: Library – Magisterium of the Sovereign Pontiffs – Encyclicals, Language: English Type: Documento. Overview. For nearly two thousand years, popes have communicated to the world primarily through their letters. In the premodern world, the papal chancery. Kindly, fatherly Pope John XXIII issued his first encyclical last week, and it proved to be a fatherly message of warning, hope and encouragement. Ad Petri.

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Let each, then, according to his abilities imitate Jesus, our model and the author of our salvation. Every day We offer humble prayers to God for them and their endeavors.

The Church Persecuted We are also and equally concerned for the lot of those who are forced to leave their native lands because they cannot earn a living there or because of intolerable conditions and religious persecution. The Christian family is a sacred institution.

Views Read Edit View history. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. In either case, they can pursue their salvation the more easily and happily and also be of pre-eminent assistance in Christian countries and in those lands where the light of the Gospel has not yet shone.

Religion: Ad Petri Cathedram

We have another recommendation also, and We are sure that it will be warmly received. AAS 37 71 We who have been elevated despite Our unworthiness to the Chair of Peter have often reflected on the things We saw and heard when Our predecessor passed from this life. May We hope with a father’s love for cathedam return? Many men ignore or avoid them; some, alas, even despise and abhor them.


The Sick and Suffering We refer, of course, to those inequalities which result not from human caprice but from the nature of things—inequalities having to do with intellectual and spiritual growth, with economic facts, with differences in individual circumstances, within, of course, the limits prescribed by justice and mutual charity. Their unhappiness touches Our heart; We are constrained to take pity and to repeat the merciful words that came from the heart of our Divine Master when He saw the multitude languishing in hunger: And yet, as long as we are journeying in exile over this earth, our peace and happiness will be imperfect.

She preaches and inculcates a social doctrine and social norms which would eliminate every sort of injustice and produce a better and more equitable distribution of goods, if they letri put into practice as they should be. We anticipate that all of you will achieve this renewal of the Christian life, this holiness and virtue—not only you who remain steadfastly in the unity of the Church, but all you who with love of truth and with a sincere good will are striving to attain it.

When they conduct themselves like honest men, they are punished like criminals. Truth and Error 9. Priests, religious men, and virgins consecrated catheeram God cannot make contact with every class of person.

AAS 41 The Peace of Christ But this clearly cannot be the history of a divine teaching authority founded by Jesus Christ, “the way, the truth, and the life. The Catholic Church, of course, leaves many questions open to the discussion of theologians.

If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. To express the matter simply: How can God, who is truth, approve or tolerate the indifference, neglect, and sloth of those who cathedrsm no importance to matters on which our eternal salvation depends; who cathwdram no importance to pursuit and attainment of necessary truths, or to the offering of that proper worship which is owed to God alone?

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By the example of their lives they seem to summon you to union with this Apostolic See with which your Christian community was beneficially united for so many centuries.

For there is still too much disparity in the possession of material goods, too much reason for hostility among various groups, because of opinions on the right to property opinions sometimes unsound, sometimes not entirely just held by those who desire unfair advantages and benefits for themselves.

Before all else, then, we must turn our thoughts to sound principles if we wish, as we should, to guide our actions along the path of justice. Priests should also be mindful that they are more than public dignitaries; they are sacred ministers. For if this is rejected, the very pftri of truth, goodness, and civilization are endangered.

Religion: Ad Petri Cathedram – TIME

The encyclical named indifference towards the truth as the cause of many of the world’s social evils, and called for modern communications and the press to remember their responsibility to report only the truth. We ask all men, but particularly rulers of nations, to weigh these considerations prudently and seriously in the presence of God our protector. There would be no reasonable check to restrain them. As so Saint Cyprian had good reason to remark: