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When the transistor switches to cut-off a large voltage will be induced across the inductor coil because of the sudden collapse of the magnetic field around it.

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Thus the above equation can be rewritten as. Adjustable Voltage Regulator using LM The square wave is given as input to the integrator and produces an output triangular wave.

A voltage regulator is one of the most widely used electronic circuitry in any device. A simple switching regulator is designed with the mix of circuits that we already know. I have switched to a different engine and it needs a 9v battery.

M1496-A Datasheet PDF

There are two variations of the same; known as positive adjustable voltage regulator and negative adjustable regulator. Adjustable Voltage Regulator An adjustable voltage regulator is a kind of regulator whose regulated output voltage can be varied over a range. The resistor R2 is adjusted to get the output voltage range between 1.

That is, instead of the transistor working in the active region, it is made to switch between the saturation region or cut-off region. All these problems can be solved by using a switching voltage regulator.


Thus the current keeps flowing in the same direction. The figure above shows the application of LM IC as a voltage regulator. This is given as input datasheey the positive terminal of the triangle to pulse converter. Furthermore, there is a maximum input voltage because of excessive power dissipation. An IC based voltage regulator can be classified in different ways. Reverse happens fatasheet the output voltage fall.

So assuming that you were using a 9v batt then you need only add an on-board SMPS. Thus, the current flowing through the potential divider can be written as. This high gain helps the op. The functional block diagram of the IC as a switching regulator is shown below.

In this article, our interest is only with IC based voltage regulator.

It means that any attempted increase in output voltage generates a negative feedback voltage that almost eliminates the original increase. The output pulse will then drive the base of the pass transistor. Switching Voltage Regulator dataeheet Types. A popular example is the IC which provides a constant 5 volts output. The LM A IC datxsheet also developed by National Semiconductors and is used as a switching regulator for applications like dc-dc voltage converters, inverting configurations and buck-boost converters.

The ripple rejection is 80 db, equivalent to 10, The basic switching regulator is designed to work in three configurations. This rise in temperature may mostly be due to excessive external voltage, ambient temperature, or even heat sinking.


I was launching model rockets with a rechargeable 12v battery. The value of Iadj will be very small and will also have a constant value. Thus, the inverting input terminal vaue will 31466t be the. A simple voltage divider is used to sample the output of the LC filter. These regulators provide a constant output voltage.

The IC is also enabled with current limiting and thermal shutdown capabilities. You may also like: In this circuit, the value of Vref is datashet reference voltage between the adjustment terminals and dxtasheet output taken as 1. According to the type of use of the IC, an external current limit terminal may be referenced to either the Ground terminal Pin 4 or the the Vin terminal Pin 8.

MC34166T Datasheet

Capacitor C2 is sometimes used to improve the transient response of the circuit. During each cycle of the pulse the transistor changes between saturation and cut-off.

Due to the conditions above, the same current flows through R1. 34166g ac components of the input voltage to the filter is blocked and the dc component is allowed to pass datasheeet the filter. LM switching voltage regulator circuit diagram is given below. Their circuit diagrams and explanation are given below.